So who am I?

I am a bisexual, ADHD, cisgendered female in my late 30s, living near Bangor, Maine with my husband, two children, five cats, dog, and an ever changing number of chickens and ducks. I think if I had to choose one word to describe my life so far, I would choose seeking. I studied theater in college, love to read, write fiction as a hobby, and hiking/camping/exploring have been constants in my life since I was a baby.

I have lived in Georgia, Arizona, California, Virginia, and Tennessee, before moving to Maine in early 2021, looking for a life where we had access to both the mountains and the ocean without a long drive to either. Living in so many different places--many while still a child myself--taught me that there is so much out there to explore, and given me a thirst for outdoor adventure. I love to work with clients in beautiful places, with their interactions with the landscape almost as much a part of the experience as their interactions with each other. And so while I live and work in Maine, I am always open to--and enthusiastic about--travel to anywhere you may have in mind.

"I'm not comfortable having my picture taken."

Have you ever said that? Because I say that a LOT.

So why say that here? Because I want you to be comfortable having your picture taken, and will do everything I can during your session to make that happen!

It's why I go for a candid style--it's hard to stand and pose for a camera. What do I do with my arms? How should I turn my head? I don't like my smile! Add kids to the mix, and it can be more stressful than enjoyable trying to have pictures made. I want to change that.

I want to capture your family, as you authentically are. Whether you are on vacation and hoping to go home with memories of your trip, you are looking for annual portraits to hang on the wall, or are celebrating a milestone event like a birthday or engagement, I want you to look at your gallery and say, yes, this is us.

My Why

My photography journey started after my son was born in 2016. I suffered severe antenatal and postpartum depression with my son, leading to a change in jobs where we did not have the income to hire a photographer. I had an old DSLR and bought an off-brand 50mm lens to try and capture some of the magic I admired from photographers I followed on instagram--and quickly discovered that I had a knack for capturing authentic moments of my children on the hikes we took, both as a family, and with the non-profit Hike It Baby.

This seemingly niche talent led me on a life-changing path. I joined Hike It Baby first as another hiking family, and as a volunteer photographer, where I still dedicate some of my time. I got to know other photographers with a similar style to mine, and fell in love with seeing how happy the families I hiked with were to see themselves and their children in the natural element. I could do this, I thought. I could make this my career.

Then, in early 2019, my mother passed away after a long fight with breast cancer. When I was going through old pictures for her memorial service, I realized I did not have any pictures of JUST her and I together except for at my wedding--almost a decade prior. We both hated having our pictures taken--but now, pictures were all that were left, and I didn't have the one shot I so desperately wanted.

The combination of these two experiences is what drives my vision. To get shots that feel true to who you are, and to break down the insecurity that keeps people from committing to hiring a professional photographer. I want to go where you are happy--your favorite trail or secret picnic spot, your backyard or the beach where you got engaged. And if you aren't sure where to go, I'm happy to share some of my favorite places as well!

The future holds no guarantees, but photographs can freeze a moment--a moment that may one day be all that is left. Photographers see our clients at your most intimate and often most vulnerable moments, and I am deeply aware of the immense privilege that comes with captures those moments. It would be my honor to be trusted with yours.