I got married 13 years ago. So what better way to celebrate my own anniversary than by having my husband and our two kids help me stage a skeleton wedding?

Last year I was trying to pull together a Halloween styled shoot. I wanted fog, and a black cake, and bone decorations—as goth and elegant a wedding as I could think of. Alas, with planning our own Halloween party, family and homestead responsibilities, and of course my actual wedding clients, it wasn’t to be. So this year I thought—lets make it fun! Get the aesthetic I wanted, but with models who could be available with last minute notice, and zero expectation of professionalism.

So, with the help of the Dollar Tree, Michael’s, and my own troupe of spooky helpers, we hiked our skeleton couple down to a beach and set up a picnic for them, complete with a Spookuterie board and wedding cake I made the night before when I definitely should have been taking care of chores around the house.

The result? Well, the couple certainly has no complaints!

And also a huge shout-out to my husband who has not only put up with me for 13 years but gave up his day off to help me bring this vision to life, including squatting down and holding the skeletons up so I could get some shots of them saying their vows.

Lets give this skeleton couple some love, and show that ‘til death do us part is only the beginning!